At Howbridge, presentation is extremely important to us. We value how we present ourselves and our work to others.

Parents/carers are able to order the Howbridge uniform from SmartyPants.

If you have any queries regarding uniform orders, please contact the school office.


The wearing of school uniform creates a sense of unity and belonging and also sets an expectation of high standards. We believe that wearing full school uniform results in a positive attitude to work and improved standards of behaviour, both of which are conducive to a high standard of academic achievement.

We aim to reach the highest standards in terms of achievement and behaviour and expect parents’ full support in our uniform policy.

Physical Education is a compulsory subject in the National Curriculum and all children are expected to take part in PE although they may be excused for medical reasons. In this event a note should be sent to the class teacher requesting the child be excused.

For health and safety reasons children need to wear appropriate PE clothes for a Physical Education lesson.


With the exception of medi-alert bracelets and necklaces, only watches and discreet studs for pierced ears may be worn. In the interests of the safety of the children, the wearing of any other form of jewellery in school is unacceptable. This includes false nails and nail varnish.

For PE, watches must be removed and all earrings must be removed, earrings can not be taped up. Children are responsible for looking after their own watches and earrings and the school will not be responsible for any loss or damage. If parents are worried about this, the easiest solution is for your child not to wear their watches and or studs on PE days.

PE Kits

The system of children coming into school in PE Kits on PE days works extremely well to ensure maximum lesson time. We realise this means you may need to purchase additional kit to meet the expectations as outlined above however, the cost is kept to a minimum.


Navy blue skirt or pinafore dress (no higher than the knee)
Black or navy blue tailored trousers (no cords, jeans, tracksuit bottoms or leggings)
White shirt or polo shirt (no logo)
Navy school sweatshirt or cardigan
Navy school fleece with logo
Black shoes (please see information below)
Optional for summer
Navy and white gingham dress
Black or navy blue tailored shorts
Sandals (please see information below)
T-shirts in house colours can be purchased
from Smarty Pants (see below)
Sayers – Red
Luard – Blue
Crittall – Green
Taverner – Yellow

Shorts in navy blue or black
Plimsolls for inside use – trainers for outdoors
Tracksuits (navy/black with discreet logo) can be worn for outside games

All clothes should be clearly labelled with the child’s name

Our Schoolwear Supplier is Smartypants

Please click the image below to order uniform for our school.



  • Heels should be a maximum of 3cm high
  • Any laces in shoes MUST be black
  • Sandals must support the foot securely and should be worn with socks at all times
  • Plastic (jelly) sandals or backless sandals are not to be worn inside school
  • No boots or trainers to be worn inside school but may be worn to and from school


Hair must not be dyed, long hair must be tied back and only plain/simple, blue or black headbands and accessories used.